Jumag SA is a well-established company, specializing in liquid filtration, offering a variety of products and systems to eliminate unwanted solids / particles in water - liquid systems.

In the field of industrial cooling water filtration, our products are mainly used as full or side flow filters, and often in water treatment facilities, as pre-filters, for example in raw water applications, to protect equipment water treatment.

The products we normally supply are:
• Centrifugal separators for removing sand and other heavy solids
• Self-cleaning intake screens, applied to the suction side of pumps installed in lakes or rivers
• Automatic screen filters, for the elimination of all particles, including organic, 80-800 μ
• A full range of bag and cartridge filters.

Our company's manufacturing and design capabilities include products supplied in accordance with EU Directive 97/23 / EEC and other codes, such as TÜV and ASME for various materials and pressures.

Due to the low investment cost and the ability to work also, with very high levels of particle concentration, which could be predicted in periods of high turbidity, the centrifugal separator is often used in water treatment systems.

The fact that there are no moving parts implies that there are no maintenance costs.For more information, see the details of our products
JUMAG Centrifugal solid separators
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